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Suraya Mothercare and Beauty is based in Johor Bahru, we are specialized in mothercare & newborn to helps mother and child on their confinement period. We are passion to helps and assist with traditional and modern practices with our certified and well trained Confinement Lady ensuring adequate and proper care for both mother and newborn.


Confinement Lady

All our therapists are certified with Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia, Penjagaan Pantang and Urut Tradisional. They are well trained by our centers. Some of them have experienced that more than 5 years. They’re all 100% Malay Lady.

Special & High Quality Formulated Confinement Products

All products are created and produced using special formula containing herbal and natural ingredients that proven for mother’s need on their confinement periods.

Delicious and Healthy Diet Cooking - Confinement Recipes

Healthy confinement recipes cooked by our Confinement Lady according to our balance and healthy 3 times meals based on daily diet.


Confinement Corset with Tummy Lotion

It provides lower abdominal support and helps realigned the spine to its normal shape.

Pilis & Param

Param and pilis. Pilis is applied on the forehead to refresh mothers who may find themselves lacking sleep and experiencing heaviness around the eyes and Param is applied on the whole body for warming effect especially on the hands and feet.

Simple Housekeeping

Simple Housekeeping (e.g. sweeping and moping kitchen floor).

Flower Bath

Regularly cleansing the aura and personal energy is an essential act. all of which have their own energy vibrations.

Confinement Massage

Postnatal massage Help to ease sore spots and relax muscle tension, Increase the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, make you feel relaxed and speed up recovery from birth.

Vaginal Steaming (Bertangas)

Vaginal steaming is used as a natural herbs for cleaning the vagina, uterus, and the entire reproductive tract. But the purported claims don’t stop there. It also allegedly relieves stress, depression, haemorrhoids, infection, infertility, hormone imbalances and headaches.


Do laundry for mummy and newborn baby.

Facial Treatment

Benefits of facial treatment include improved muscle tone, circulation and a decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hot Compress

Hot compression.. * Reduce pain, Reduce muscle spasm, Reduce congestions of non-inflammatory origin, Stimulates endorphin production and promotes relaxation, Stimulates the absorption of cellular debris during healing of injuries, Alleviates or relieves stress and prevent health problems, Improve bowel movement, promote flatus and defecation.

Baby Massage & Shower

Baby bath and massage can soothe the baby and help their to sleep, including improving weight gain, aiding digestion, improving circulation, and easing teething pain.

Herbal Body Scrub

A combination of herbs with warming properties whose main function is to have a warming effect on the skin and muscles to energize and reejuvenate a tired motheer’s body.

Aura Seri Wajah Massage

Improve your complexion’s natural glow, This treatment focuses on pinpointing the pressure points in your face to boost your energy flow and blood circulation for a healthier complexion.

Herbal Sauna

Steam bath (sauna) Increased circulation, Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, Help with weight loss, Flush toxins from your body and It relieves stress.

Baby Warm Compress

Reduce pain and inflammation, relieve muscle spasms and hernia (angin pasang)

Herbal Bath

Herbal bath is a tradisional formula specifically designed for modern day mum. It is easy to use. This herbal bath expels “wind and dampness” pain and post-natal discomfort. The combination of herbs in this formula exerts a superb “wind” expelling effect and improves blood circulation, reliefs joint pain and numbness.


Johor Bahru

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All Over Malaysia


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STAY IN : Lily Package

Location : Malaysia
No of Days : 14 Days

DAILY VISIT : Lily Package

Location : Malaysia
No of Days : 14 Days

DAILY VISIT : Lily Package

Location : Singapore
No of Days : 14 Days

DAILY VISIT : Rose Package 2

Location : Johor Bahru
No of Days : 7 Days

DAILY VISIT : Lily Package 2

Location : KL/Selangor
No of Days : 14 Days


Herbal Body Scrub

Milk Booster

Herbal Tummy Lotion


Got this from a friend of mine linda, she had her sessions with kak lily. she given a good review on her services. so i took this 7days package. *memang terbaik.. *

kak lily very patient and bubbly person. senang untuk bercommunicate. for a 1st time doing post natal. will recommend people next time.

Ktrna Gbl

Experience CL, good service by CL Nesliza.

Very cooperative and understanding

Natrah Abu Bakar

Alhamdulillah akhirnya jumpa jgk CL yg kena dgn citarasa sy…

CL iQa sgt terbaik….lemah lmbut, sopan, teliti dlm melakukan kerja..tak kelam kabut..urutan nye terbaikkkk…

Highly recommended suraya mothercare ni..kena la dgn harganye..

Nur Zaashiequa Ayub