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Confinement Services

Explore our packages tailored to meet your specific needs and
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Confinement Packages

Confinement packages (Pakej Berpantang) consists a variety of packages that can be choosen from all location in Malaysia and Singapore.

Miscarriage Package

Miscarriage package (Pakej Keguguran) is a package that consists treatment and care for mother that loss pregnancy in the first 23 weeks.

Closing Confinement Package

Closing confinement pacakage (Pakej Penutup Pantang) is the last treatment and care of mother to get healthier and beautify mother again after giving birth.

Confinement Products

Explore our range of quality confinement products designed for the well-being of both mommies and newborns.

Confinement Meal Packages

Indulge in nutritious and carefully curated meals to aid in your recovery and breastfeeding journey.

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