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Stay In Package Notes @ Stay at the Customer’s Home

Here We will describe the packages related to the stay in the customer’s home package @ stay in. It is hoped that you read clearly.

Confinement Lady Duty (CL)

Half Day (Daily Visit): around 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. for cooking package

Half Day (Daily visit): around 2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. for no cooking package

Terms, Conditions and duties of the Guardian of Taboo @ CL Half Day (Daily Visit) package

  • CL will be coming to PUAN’s house and will let Puan know before our CL arrive at Puan’s house.
  • Our CL will going home after their work is done.
  • RM 100/hours will be charge if our CL are demand to work more than the approximate time of CL working hour for this package.
  • Transportation fee will be charged for each package.
  • Housekeeping is only basic, namely KITCHEN, MASSAGE PLACE, MOTHER AND BABY ROOM ONLY. If PUAN has asked our CL to work more than the service should. That is beyond our responsibility, which means that PUAN has to pay for the excess work directly to our CL on duty.


  • The booking deposit is 30% only. If you want to change the package, it is only allowed within a week after the deposit. After a week can NOT make a package exchange.
  • The remaining 70% of the balance needs to be settled when our CL start their work on the first day.
  • Any cancellation at the last minute is not allowed for reasons that are not applicable, only death or miscarriage we accept for the cancellation process.
  • Any successful cancellation, a management charge of 15% will be charged.
  • Booking at the latest is 1 month before edd madam. If at the last minute, we do not accept because usually our CL is empty. Unless there are customers who cancel their booking, we will open it to other customers.
  • All our CLs are Malaysians and Indonesian. All of them are trained and have certificates in the field of abstinence care before being released to the client’s home. Our CL experience of 5 years more in terms of maintaining maternity abstinence. Their age is around 35-55 years. If there is anything related to CL during the treatment, you need to inform us no later than 2 days after the package starts. We can make a CL exchange depending on the vacancy of the CL.


  • If you admit and discharge from the hospital is either normal or cser, you need to let me know.
  • If normal, after the discharge on the 2nd day in the afternoon, we send CL to the lady’s house to start treatment. Because we want to make sure your baby is healthy from jaundice. Otherwise CL treatment to the lady will be interrupted.
  • If c-sec, on the 7th day after the new CL discharge lady we start treatment for the lady because we want to give the lady dry wounds first. Otherwise your wounds will be purulent. This is as a precaution, ma’am
  • If the CUSTOMER wants to book a CL, we cannot promise that the booked CL can be sent during the delivery of the CL to the lady because it is possible that the booked CL is still at another customer’s house. I hope you understand this.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated, thank you for being willing to deal and choose Suraya Mothercare and Beauty to facilitate the management of confinement.

Nota Pakej Stay In @ Menginap di Rumah Pelanggan

Di sini Kami akan menerangkan pakej yang berkaitan dengan pakej menginap di rumah pelanggan @ stay in. Diharap pihak puan/encik membaca dengan jelas.

Waktu Bertugas Confinement Lady (CL)

Half day (Daily Visit) : lebih kurang 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. untuk pakej masak

Half day (Daily Visit) : lebih kurang 2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. untuk pakej tiada masak

Terma, Syarat serta tugasan Penjaga Pantang @ CL Pakej stay in

  • CL akan datang ke rumah PUAN dan akan memberitahu Puan sebelum CL kami tiba di rumah Puan.
  • CL kami akan pulang selepas kerja mereka selesai.
  • RM 100/jam akan dicaj jika CL kami diminta untuk bekerja lebih daripada masa anggaran jam bekerja CL untuk pakej ini.
  • Bayaran pengangkutan akan dikenakan untuk setiap pakej.
  • Kemas rumah hanya basic sahaja, iaitu DAPUR , TEMPAT MENGURUT, BILIK IBU DAN BAYI SAHAJA. Jika pihak PUAN ada minta CL kami kerja lebih dari servis yang sepatutnya. Itu diluar tanggungjawab kami, bermakna pihak PUAN perlu membayar sendiri lebihan tugasan terus kepada CL kami yang bertugas.


  • Deposit booking ialah 30% sahaja. Jika ingin membuat pertukaran pakej, hanya dibenarkan dalam tempoh seminggu selepas deposit. Selepas seminggu TIDAK boleh membuat pertukaran pakej.
  • Baki pembayaran iaitu sebanyak 70% mestilah dilakukan pada hari pertama CL kami bertugas di rumah anda.
  • Sebarang pembatalan pada saat akhir tidak dibenarkan atas alasan yang tidak boleh diguna pakai, hanya kematian atau keguguran saja yang kami terima bagi proses pembatalan.
  • Sebarang pembatalan yang dilakukan, caj pengurusan akan dikenakan sebanyak 15%.
  • Booking selewat-lewatnya ialah 1 bulan sebelum edd puan. Jika saat akhir, kami tidak terima oleh kerana kebiasaannya CL kami tiada yang kosong. Melainkan ada pihak pelanggan yang membatalkan booking mereka baru pihak kami akan buka pada pelanggan yang lain.
  • Semua CL kami adalah rakyat Malaysia dan Indonesia. Kesemua mereka terlatih dan mempunyai sijil dalam bidang penjagaan pantang sebelum dilepaskan ke rumah pelanggan. Pengalaman CL kami dari 5 tahun lebih dari segi menjaga berpantang bersalin. Umur mereka lingkungan dalam 35- 55 tahun. Jika ada apa apa berkaitan CL semasa rawatan dijalankan, pihak puan perlu beritahu pihak kami selewat-lewatnya 2hari selepas pakej bermula. Kita boleh buat pertukaran CL bergantung kepada kekosongan CL.


  1. Jika puan admit dan keluar dari hospital (discharge) sama ada normal atau pembedahan , pihak puan perlu beritahu saya.
  2. Jika normal, selepas puan keluar dari hospital (discharge), pada hari kedua, kami akan aturkan kedatangan CL ke rumah puan untuk mulakan rawatan. Sebab kita nak pastikan bayi puan sihat dari demam kuning (jaundice). Jika tidak, rawatan CL terhadap puan akan terganggu.
  3. Jika pembedahan, hari ke 7 selepas puan keluar dari hospital (discharge) baru CL kita mulakan rawatan ke puan oleh kerana kita nak beri luka puan kering dahulu. Jika tidak luka puan akan bernanah. Ini untuk langkah berjaga jaga puan
  4. Jika pihak PELANGGAN Ingin booking CL, Kita tidak dapat menjanjikan CL yang di book boleh dihantar semasa penghantaran CL ke pihak puan oleh kerana berkemungkinan CL yang di book masih lagi berada di rumah customer yang lain. Harap puan faham akan perkara ini.

Kerjasama pihak TUAN/PUAN amat kami hargai, terima kasih kerana sudi berurusan dan memilih Suraya Mothercare and Beauty untuk memudahkan pengurusan berpantang puan.


  • Booking money burnt/will not be refunded except due to death or miscarriage will be replaced. Package exchanges are only allowed around 7 days after the deposit. After a period of 7 days, the package exchange application will not be entertained.
  • Any successful cancellation, a management charge of 15% will be charged.

  • Duit booking hangus/tidak akan dikembalikan kecuali atas sebab kematian atau keguguran sahaja akan digantikan semula. Pertukaran pakej hanya dibenarkan sekitar 7hari selepas deposit. Selepas tempoh 7hari permohonan pertukaran pakej tidak akan dilayan.
  • Sebarang pembatalan yang berjaya dilakukan, caj pengurusan akan dikenakan sebanyak 15%.


  • You can choose the package you like and after that you need to fill in this form. After making a payment of 30% of the package price, we will book a slot for you.
  • The remaining payment of 70% must be made on the first day CL works at your home.


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  • Puan boleh pilih pakej yang berkenan dihati dan setelah itu puan perlu isi borang ini .Selepas buat pembayaran sebanyak 30% dari harga pakej, baru kami book slot untuk puan.
  • Baki pembayaran sebanyak 70% mestilah dilakukan pada hari pertama CL bekerja di rumah anda.


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