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Experience CL, good service by CL Nesliza.

Very cooperative and understanding

Natrah Abu Bakar

Good service from owner & CL As too🌹

Highly recommended to all confinement mom.. Really satisfied.. ❤️

Shahirah Hamid

CL Ani urut mmg terbaik!! Orgnya pun sgt peramah dan baik hati!! Highly Recommended!!

Nur'Ain Zainudin

Good service from CL Rozy.. highly recommend

Nur Dyana Bahrin

Good services and highly recommended.

Syeena Tupperware

Highly recommended to mummies out there

· Professional masseuses 
· Free consultation
· Great deals
· Amazing results
Aisyah Rusdi

Good service
Good job

· Free consultation
· Great deals
· Amazing results
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Alhamdulillah akhirnya jumpa jgk CL yg kena dgn citarasa sy…

CL iQa sgt terbaik….lemah lmbut, sopan, teliti dlm melakukan kerja..tak kelam kabut..urutan nye terbaikkkk…

Highly recommended suraya mothercare ni..kena la dgn harganye..

Nur Zaashiequa Ayub

Got this from a friend of mine linda, she had her sessions with kak lily. she given a good review on her services. so i took this 7days package. *memang terbaik.. *

kak lily very patient and bubbly person. senang untuk bercommunicate. for a 1st time doing post natal. will recommend people next time.

Ktrna Gbl

5 ⭐️ 
My 1st Pre Natal massage with CL Kak Syuhaili and Kak Nes.. 

❤️❤️❤️ highly recommend.. very friendly… awesome service.. really urut make sure all my body hilang angin2 😂 Mmg best!


Thank you Again.. do check their page price very reasonable.. 
thank you kak Su for taking my booking. 
❤️ Ikin (Yishun Singapore)


Nur Ashikin

7 days package by CL Lily. Obviously I was satisfied else I wouldn’t have recommended Suraya MotherCare to my pregnant friends.

CL Lily accommodate to my requests. I am not a rice person therefore she substitute one of my lunch to macaroni with cream of mushroon and chicken.

She is friendly and knowledgeable. Aside that, my son enjoys her massages too! It was a take away that I just need to massage my son’s tummy as a form of cooling him down whenever he cries.

Thank you CL Lily for everything. And thanks to admin too for always replying to my messages. My sincere wishes for Suraya MotherCare.

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