BABY POULTICE (tuam bayi)

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Benefits of applying heat compress on baby’s body
1)Helps Remove body excretion and Inflammation.
2)Helps Reduce swelling effect.
3)Help to Avoid Or Relieving “Inguinal hernia ” for Baby Boy.

Direction tu use :-
~ Put on the hot iron or mummy’s hot stone.
~ Before use, feel the heat of the tuam behind the palm of your hand.
~ Put heat compress around the tummy, back, legs and foot print.
~ After using the heat compress, rub the oil and wear the barut.
~ Dry in the sun or keep in room temperature
~ Store it in an air tight container


Tuam bayi

Mengelakkan bayi dari kembung perut, mengelakkan bengkak jika anak terhantuk, mengelakkan dari pusat bayi tersembur keluar.

Cara guna – panaskan tuam baby terlebih dahalu kemudian tuamkanseluruh badan bayi

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Weight 33 g


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